Travel Money Preferences

I’m off to do a few weeks around Europe soon & I’m wondering what the best options going to be as far as travel money goes. I asked my grandma & she says that travellers checks are the way to go but that all seems a bit dated to me. I told her that nobody really uses them these days & its all about the travel cards that you can load-up with the currency you want & then withdraw the money abroad when you need it. My issue in the past is that I’ve never bothered really thinking about it & then I get stung by extortionate charges by the ATM machine. I’m determined to get the best solution this time though. I’ve spent the last 18 months trying to get my finances in check & it has changed the way I think about these things. I’m all about the deals these days, trying to get as much as possible for as cheap as possible. 



So, I’ve been comparing a few of the different ones. Initially, I looked at the one you get from the post office as someone recommended it but the rates were shocking in comparison to some of the other providers. I think my mate had just settled for the first one he came across. I ended up going with the Moneycorp card as it’s the most diverse I could find for the amount of currencies you can upload. I’m thinking of going to Canada next year so I can use it for that trip too. Its also free to purchase, free to load & free to reload. As with all these cards, there’s always some kind of charges that you have to be aware of but then they have to make their money some way. I’’ll let you know how the trip goes & whether it was the right choice.