Street Food – Clean, Good and Cheap

Especially Asia is known for its culinary delights! But for backpackers on a shoestring it is not feasible to eat at a proper restaurant on every occasion. That's why some people prefer to cook for themselves. But from time to time it can be quite tedious and you have to carry around a lot of additional equipment like a gas cooker or a camping stove. Cheap ones can be found on Most of them are sold second hand.

But it's always a bit of a hassle and If you are just on a short term trip, it doesn't really pay off. So what do do? In my opinion Street Food is a great way to keep you budget low. It is tasty, nutritious and cheap. In Singapore is a place, which even got awarded with a Michelin Star!

Simple but Tasty

Most street food stalls are very basic: plastic chairs and tables. Most of the places don't even provide a menu. But that doesn't matter that much. It's about the food!
Usually there is a showcase with most of the ingredients like meat, fish, vegetables, noddles and so on. Nearly all of these places don't have a fridge. Some food stalls offer pre-cooked food like soups or different curry dishes. Just open up the lid to take a closer look. Sometimes you can even try the food before you order.

Street Food Bangkok

Some stalls only offer soups, other ones fried chicken, squid or duck. Other ones only provide one special dish. At some places in Thailand you can even get street food ice cream!
Also they are available until late at night. So it is perfect for some late night food before going to party. (Please conside rmy advice for Thailand here.)

As you can see there is a wide variety of food stalls available. But this is great to enjoy the wonderful delights of a country, especially in Asia, to its full extend. Every hungry soul will find it's perfect match there. Prices starts from about 50 cents up to $2. Its about the quality of the food and the atmosphere. And street food is not just for the ordinary, local people. Even the Upper Class is eating there as well. Rich and wealthy people, lawyer and governmental employees. Occasionally on can even spot a BMW or Mercedes. (I'm still wondering how they can afford those cars. Even here used ones costs are not cheap

But what about the Cleanliness?

I have to admit, sometimes it looks a bit weird and you can't compare it to western standards. But as a matter of fact, all the ingredients like meat, fish and vegetables are cooked, boiled or fried. So this food is save. I've never had any issues when eating street food. On the contrary, I got sick three times when I ate at a proper restaurants.

Street Food

As a rule of thumb, if there are many locals around, then this is a good sign. Simple as that. Also, if you are not sure, take a look around. Take some time and watch how the dishes are prepared and how all the ingredients are kept. And finally trust your gut feeling.

Michelin Star awarded Street Food

It is located in Singapore, Chinatown. It looks like a typical street food place. Nothing special. People are sitting there wearing shorts, short trousers and thongs, eating their chicken and rice. The dish is about $1.5. But as a matter of fact, this is the cheapest Michelin Start awarded meal you can get on the planet!

Chan Hong Meng Singapore

The dish consists of a serving of rice, boiled in a chicken broth with juicy stripes of chicken breast on top, as well as a little bit of roasted chicken skin. The chicken itself is seasoned with a little bit of sweet soy sauce. And if you like, you can add spicy chilli sauce.

The critiques of the Michelin Guide ( where so impressed by the outstanding taste of this meal, that they awarded the chef, Chan Hong Meng, in Summer 2016 with a desired Michelin Star. According to the testers, Chan's food at his place "Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle", has something special, magical. His secret? He won't tell! All he says is, in 1989 he got the recipe from a chef from Hong Kong and he never ever changed it since. So if you are in Singapore make sure you step by his place and enjoy his outstanding chicken and rice!

If you are now curious about Asia and its food, prepare yourself and take a plunge. There is a good website offering great e-books, resources and travel accessories. Have a look at