Specialties around the World

Specialties around the World

Hey everyonne, welcome back to my travel and tourism blog. The other night me and my partner went with some friends to have a nice Cambodian meal with some friends, and wow what an experience! We had some very Cambodian food, includig fried and stuffed frogs full of spices, and deep fried tarantulas. I really did enjoy this meal, but it is something I would not expect to be eating anywhere else in the world.

When you are traveling around, you have to try and seek out the local specialties that are cooked in the back alleys BBQ shops and travelling food trolleys. My favourite from Cambodia has been the satay with buttered bread and papaya salad. When I was in Cuba, I had some freshly made sweet potato chips and a fresh river lobster to go along with it. One of the greasiest yet tastiest treats I had was in the UK, where a pub we were at baked an entire wheel of camembert cheese in the oven and just served it with bread.


Something that I tell everyone about if they travel to Canada is Canadian equivalent of chips beans and cheese, but instead of beans we use gravy and call it poutine. This wonderful combination of hot chips melts the chewy cheese which then sticks to the thick beef gravy. Mmmm, I think I know what I am making for dinner tonight.

What has been your favourite local specialty that you tried whilst travelling? Where were you, and what kind of food did you eat from what kind of vendor? Leave me a comment below about it, and I will make myself a list of things to try on my next set of travelling. Cheers everyone!