Louisa Loves to Travel

Hi there folks, my name is Louisa and I am currently en route to LAX, where I shall be kicking off the latest leg of my big adventure around the world. As I write, I am on the train with backpack overhead, passport in my purse and a whole bunch of nerves in my stomach. I travel often. My job waiting tables is seasonal and I make excellent tips so, every few months, I head off on a new adventure. Sometimes I wonder if I should be all sensible and save my money instead of spending it on lavish holidays but, hey, I’m in my twenties. There’s plenty of years left in me for sensible!  I thought it was about time that I started documenting my trips so that I can share my experiences with others whilst simultaneously exploring a piqued interest I have for travel writing. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and gain some insight into countries that you too may wish to visit.