Late Night Foods

Late Night Foods


Welcome back guys! I love travelling, and I love blogging, and I love eating.  The best part about my life is that sometimes I can combine all of them together and write posts like this one where we look at my favourite places to eat late at night whilst travelling.  I tend to find myself not that hungry in the morning, pretty much until 2pm I won’t want to eat.  When I’m at home it’s fine as I can cook for myself but whilst travelling it’s slightly harder. One of my favourite things to do whilst travelling is to always keep snacks on me just in case. You can check out the online classified ad sites to find some great second-hand items which make it easier; such as containers, bottles and zip-lock bags. This website: is definitely worth a look.


My top 5 cities to find late night food.


1.       New York

I was fortunate enough to visit New York twice this year, and I was blown away by the sheer amount of late night food.  Seeing as I was there on business travel I wasn’t able to do much sightseeing or eating out so when I discovered how much great late night food there was I realised it meant I could work during the day and spend the evenings sightseeing and the late night eating.  My favourite places to eat late at night include, The Spotted Pig where you’ll get a great blue cheese burger and Molly's Bakery, for some great late night cupcakes.



2.       London

Ahh my beloved London, my home and where I grew up and spent many a night stumbling around looking for food following a night of drinking and dancing.  My all time favourite late night eating spot has to be the McDonald's at Charing Cross, purely for nostalgic reasons and chicken nuggets.   If your taste buds are slightly more refined than mine then Dirty Burger does some great juicy burgers, fries and lux milkshakes, and if I happen to be around Kings Road on a night out I always stop by Ranoush Juice for an amazing late night Lebanese kebab.



3.       Amsterdam

Mmmmm, Amsterdam.  The most amazing fries with that ridiculously amazing mayonnaise.  No matter what time of day you feel yourself having a craving for those thick and crispy potatoes or frites you will always be able to find them.  Try Getto Food and Drinks or Cafe restaurant van Kerkwijk for some great fries.  Check out this list for any other late night places to eat


4.       Vancouver

Oh Vancouver.  Possibly the only place outside of London I could see myself living at a later age.  Not only is it a beautiful town it has some great places to eat day and night.  Siegel’s Bagels is open 24 hours and does some of the best Bagels I’ve had outside of New York.   Duffin’s Donuts again open 24 hours, and has lots of food other than Donuts including Fried Chicken and Sandwiches and my all time favourite Bubble Tea.  My boyfriend is Canadian so the main food we ate in Canada was Poutine, head to La Belle Patate to get some amazing late night Poutine with amazing cheese curds and smoked meats.  Yum, yum, yum.


5.       Rome.

Rome.  Italy.  Whenever I think back to any time I have spent in Italy I just think of food.  All the different types of food.  There’s the usual foods you can imagine when you think Italian, Pizzas and Pastas, which are pretty amazing themselves.  And then there’s Suppli.  Possibly my favourite street snack from Rome and made even better after a couple of drinks.  Risotto and cheese with meats and vegetables, covered in breadcrumbs deep fried.  Then there’s the Gelato.  Head to Il Gelato di San Crispino to get some amazing Gelato up until 1.30 in the morning and Frigidarium open until 2am.  

and one which isn’t in the top list but does have some surprisingly good late night food


6.       Phnom Penh

Food is not something that Cambodia is known for.  Heck I’ve been living in Cambodia for around a year and there’s still lots of foods which I turn my nose up to.  But if you’re feeling hungry late at night in Phnom Penh there are some great snacks and meals for you.  One of my favourite late night places to eat not just in Phnom Penh but in the world is Katy Peri’s Peri Peri Chicken and Pizza.  For less than $5 you can get a large pizza, my favourite is the cheese and garlic version delivered to your door.  Perfect after one too many drinks.

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If you have any other great late night places to eat please send them across to me.  My next trip will be to Japan, forever chasing waterfalls, so any tips there will be great as those who have travelled have the greatest advice.