Language Barrier

Hey there folks. Thought I would smash out a quick post as I have found myself in the rare position of having a spare 30 minutes. Life is so hectic these days that I really struggle to give the blog the attention it deserves. Sorry for neglecting you folk. So today I wanted to talk about an issue that we all come up against when travelling in foreign countries. I am of course talking about language barrier. Many of us expect to be able to go on holiday and have the populace of our host country understand us. It is quite an arrogant way of thinking but there it is. A language barrier can cause all manner of problems that can be simply avoided if we just bother to learn a few key phrases in the respective language of our host country. They say that the basics of any language can be pieced together simply by learning its 200 most used words. I am not suggesting you go as far as that everytime you go on holiday to a country with a different language, but a “please”, “thank you” and “may I have” goes along way to winning over your hosts and getting them onside, making for smooth and hasslefree holiday. So next time you have a trip planned to far off lands, be sure to do your online research first and pick up a few choice lines that will help facilitate a memorable holiday. Even go as far as buying a local a drink on arrival and pick their brains for an hour or so for the phrases that are most likely to prove most useful. You won’t regret it. Ok folks. That is my 30 minutes up. I will catch you next time.