Delhi is Terrifying

I made it to Delhi and, oh boy, it’s hot. As soon as I stepped off the plane it felt like I was walking into a giant oven. I’ve never experienced a heat like it.  Delhi airport is fancier than I imagined, with lots of expensive looking cafes and stores. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but the image in my mind was definitely more shack than VIP lounge.  I had a taxi waiting for me at the airport (thanks to my Mom who always ensures that every place I travel to greets me with a taxi and 2 nights accommodation, just to let yourself “get settled in darling”) with a cute sign reading  “Miss Loo Eeesa’. Fortunately I was just on the right side of jetlagged enough to recognize this as being intended for me!  My taxi driver was lovely, spoke great English and told me stories about all of his children, as well as a brief synopsis of the history of india, some factual information about his favorite Bollywood star and some tourist tips.  I welcomed this chit chat as a distraction from what was unfolding on the streets around me: madness, absolute chaos, the threat of death within every square meter! I have ever experienced anything like this before.  My taxi was sharing the street with motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, tuk tuks, rickshaws, amputees on home made wheeled flat boards, cows and a million begging children with tiny babes in arms. I wanted to close my eyes and pretend that everything outside of the taxi was completely normal but it was just too tempting to loo at the spectacle around me.  We pulled up to the “hotel” that Mom had booked for me and I really do have to use this word in the loosest of terms. Rather than being the cute little boutique hotel I expected, my Mom had booked me into some sort of military camp with a hotel right in the center. I locked myself in my room, called room service, watched the soldiers marching around outside and didn’t leave for two whole days! Fortunately there was a television in the room so I slept, watched movies, stared at soldiers during their drills, slept again and ate room service! What a bizarre experience that was. Thanks Mom.